Constant Evolution Through Data Science

I have recently moved into a new role, and it’s been a fun ride for the past two months learning and understanding a different part of the EMC Customer Support business. With the explosive growth that EMC has been going through during the past number of years, every organization has developed a “constant evolution” mentality that results in continuous improvement in every area.

Critical to this mentality is the ability to remain focused on the big picture, the end goal – the ability to remain laser-focused on customer satisfaction. While it may seem like a simple concept on the surface, the nuances that are required to effect change on customer satisfaction are numerous. That’s where the data comes into play.

If you haven’t done so already, check out Frank Coleman’s many blogs on data science and you’ll see why this is such a hot topic in the industry right now. The ability to know, understand, trend, and even predict the direction of change is paramount to evolution and success. The key to this is in knowing the right levers to pull at what time. The right training and data analysis enables this, and allows educated and calculated risk-taking to achieve greater success.

At an EMC level, our organization has been able to make considerable progress in the past business quarter, through intense data focus and identification of the contributing factors that determine the business outlook. Work volume is being addressed in new ways, and significant gains are being realized. I’d share the actual numbers, but need a little more run time to ensure success!

On a broader level, Frank’s recent blog “Are Data Scientists Hiding in the Shadows” covers a really important business focus area that all of us should consider when forecasting future business plans. At the upcoming EMC World (May 21-24, 2012), there will be many discussions and breakout sessions on this topic alone, and these are definitely worth attending.

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