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Alan Walsh By Alan Walsh Vice President, Customer Service Escalation Management May 4, 2013

Wow – it’s May already, and how time flies! The VNX business continues to grow and opportunities to support that growth continue to evolve – it’s a really exciting time. I want to give you a quick preview of some areas we’ve been working on.

Throughout my time in Customer Services, I have spent a lot of time discussing with a wide range of customers the problems they face and the opportunities we have to address them. A common theme that has shone through is the importance of providing up-to-date technical information, allowing our customers to make the best decisions to support their respective businesses. Our customers have also let us know that they want to interact with EMC in a self-service way, now more than ever.

We have been working hard to meet that expectation and there are a number of areas that I feel are important and timely to share. With VNX specifically, we have the “Uptime Bulletin” which is produced by the Unified Storage Division (USD) Engineering team and contains technical content on areas such as target code revisions, current enhancements and information on new features. The current version of the bulletin is also available on the Online Support site (search for VNX Uptime Bulletin) for 24×7 viewing. Feedback on the information has been extremely positive and more is welcome!

We have also introduced a renewed focus in 2013 to ensure USD customers (VNX, VNXe, CLARiiON, and Celerra users) can access even more online content than they have in the past. Leveraging the EMC Community Network (ECN), Twitter, and our robust Knowledgebase within Online Support, we have increased the public availability of important technical information – content that will help our customers self-solve the most common issues seen by our Technical Support Engineers. Follow @EMCsupport on Twitter to make sure you have access to the most up-to-date information.

Our customers have responded well to these efforts. The volume of traffic to this content on the EMC Community Network has increased exponentially during the first quarter of this year – and the good news is we are not done yet! Throughout the remainder of 2013 we will continue to expand the volume of online content publically available across the Customer Services portfolio so that you – our customers – can continue to make the most of your EMC service experience.

Alan Walsh

About Alan Walsh

Vice President, Customer Service Escalation Management

Alan has been with EMC since 1995, primarily in EMC Global Services. Those years have given him a great perspective on EMC’s services as well as EMC’s customers. Alan has spent much of his career interacting directly with customers in all sorts of situations, and he’s currently responsible for the global technical support organization for EMC Unified Storage platforms. Prior to that, Alan was responsible for customer engagement related to EMC’s account management services. He worked directly with senior EMC executives and customers to address concerns and enhance customer relationships. Alan honed his technical and management skills within EMC’s product support and manufacturing organizations. He’s applied his deep knowledge of EMC’s technology to develop the technical skill sets of many services teams.

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