Dan Sigmon

Dan Sigmon

Dan Sigmon is an Enterprise Pre-sales Senior Systems Engineer at Vmware based in Michigan where he is responsible for all technical aspects of the sales process.

His past experience includes global and domestic assignments in operations, strategic consulting and architecture across a gambit of different industries. He thrives at the intersection of business and technology having spent many years in deep technical roles as well as project and technical leadership. His experience over the past 13 years includes working for companies such as EDS, HP, EMC, Ford, and managing the building a toy play house when he was 5.

He never misses a chance to make a joke and feels comfortable with conversations ranging from the front lines of IT to the C-Suite. He can be found on twitter via @dsiggi.

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Call me Maybe?

I was reading a blog post about IT transformation written by Chuck Hollis, EMC’s Global Marketing CTO, and having recently completed my EMCCA (EMC Certified Cloud Architect) certification, I thought I would outline some key items and my experiences around them as well. First, Chuck notes that not everyone fits the profile for IT Transformation. …Read More

Top 5 Rules To Successful Consulting

I seem to be on this top 5 kick on my blog recently, so I thought I would stay with the theme and keep it going.  I like that format because they make for a quick read and give the reader some quick information without having to read a PHD dissertation.  We are all busy…Read More

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid During A Data Center Migration

Ok, so on my previous blog I wrote about best practices for a data center migration (with a hat tip to Chuck Norris).  On the flip side, I thought it would be just as valuable to reveal my list of  things you should DEFINITELY NOT do.  I’m sad to say these lessons come first hand…Read More

Top 5 Ways to Migrate a Data Center like Chuck Norris

So, many of you know I’ve been doing this whole data center migration gig for a while.  It’s been 5 years and many different customers.  In that span of time you naturally learn quite a bit.  Everything from, “we totally need to do that again on our next project – it saved us tons of…Read More

Bring on those Sexy #VSPEX

One of the things that I’m most passionate about in life and also in my job are tools that make things easy and less complex.  It’s not that I mind working hard, but what I HATE, yes (HATE) is not working smart.  I could go on for days on a soap box about said topic…Read More

Do YOUR job in Paradise!

Here I sit in Paradise, no lie, writing this article, so I am proof in point that you can do it.  “Tell us Dan, what is it that you do????”  Thought you’d never ask though if you are reading this blog you should already know, well, at least a little bit (wink, wink).  I’m 1)…Read More

Breaking News: JOBS DO EXIST and Detroit Rock City!

So I thought for this post, I’d dig into something that I am always amazed by.  The recession and how many people think it’s downright horrible out there. It’s kind of like sentiments about the Iraq war – it all depends on who you talk to.  Listen to the media and the world is falling…Read More

E-Mail Jail, Pass GO and Collect $200

Now first let me tell you after reading this Mashable Business article titled “A World Without Email” the man featured in the piece is my hero. OK… yeah I have a lot of heroes, but this guy’s right up there (close to my teddy bear, but not quite) based on how much he has streamlined…Read More

Scope, Solution, Schedule – Putting The Cart Before The Horse

As I sit here in Detroit waiting on my delayed flight due to “maintenance issues,” I am reminded of an all-too-familiar theme I often see in many data center consolidation/transformation projects (more on that later).  It always amazes me how many unscheduled maintenance delays there are on airline flights when one would think these would…Read More

VDI to Ease Travel, Secure Data, and Save Cost for Customers

Let’s talk Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  I used to think VDI’s implementation scenarios would be very limited but some personal experiences over the last year have really broadened my view. Being a consultant, the topic of VDI has recently become near and dear to my heart as I travel quite a bit and am often…Read More