Dan Sigmon

Dan Sigmon

Dan Sigmon is an Enterprise Pre-sales Senior Systems Engineer at Vmware based in Michigan where he is responsible for all technical aspects of the sales process.

His past experience includes global and domestic assignments in operations, strategic consulting and architecture across a gambit of different industries. He thrives at the intersection of business and technology having spent many years in deep technical roles as well as project and technical leadership. His experience over the past 13 years includes working for companies such as EDS, HP, EMC, Ford, and managing the building a toy play house when he was 5.

He never misses a chance to make a joke and feels comfortable with conversations ranging from the front lines of IT to the C-Suite. He can be found on twitter via @dsiggi.


Call me Maybe?

Dan Sigmon By Dan Sigmon August 10, 2012
I was reading a blog post about IT transformation written by Chuck Hollis, EMC’s Global Marketing CTO, and having recently completed my EMCCA (EMC Certified Cloud Architect) certification, I thought I would outline some key items and my experiences... READ MORE