Jon Page

Jon Page

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How Much Detail is Useful?

One of the most common arguments in the area of Business Intelligence today concerns the level of detail at which a company should keep its data for the purpose of informational analysis. There are many reasons for this argument, and perhaps the most pertinent three are influenced by: What data is available The limitations of…Read More

Welcome to the ‘What Era’

On the 6th of February I have the honour of addressing the audience of the Gartner BI Summit in London. I’m going to introduce the ‘what’ era and propose that today’s data warehouse implementations leave a good deal to be desired. If we look at the current IT systems that companies have deployed today, be…Read More

The Advantages of Intelligence

As companies move forward, whilst it will undoubtedly remain an advantage to be rich and powerful, size in itself may not be such an important plus point. Most certainly size brings coverage and reach, but it also breeds cost and inflexibility. Instead, we will begin to see the proliferation of many smaller companies who have…Read More