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InFocus Weekly Roundup: April 27, 2012

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Choong Keng Leong draws on Sun Tzu’s quote to explain the use of holistic strategies as the starting point for IT Transformation.

Engage in a discussion with InFocus Bloggers on “Capitalizing on Cloud Services: the Transition to IT as a Services” at EMC World May 21st (3:30-4p PDT). In person or online, ask your questions (or post them below). Mark your calendar to join the discussion.

Bill Schmarzo partners with Warren Thornthwaite, one of the founding fathers of the data warehouse industry, to develop a list of top five BI/DW fundamentals.

In the finale to his series, Big Data MBA, Schmarzo covers changing the industry balance of power. He reviews the potential of combining Porter’s Value Chain and Five Forces Analyses around big data analytics, looking at the Walmart success story. Chicago-bound? If you’re attending the TDWI conference on May 8th, hear Bill speak on “Navigating the Road from Business Intelligence to Data Science”.

One of the arguments in the area of Business Intelligence concerns the level of detail at which a company should keep its data for the purpose of informational analysis. Jon Page answers the question, How Much Detail is Useful?

Embedding data governance into the software development cycle is a key strategy to Creating Cultural Change with Data Governance, explains Rachel Haines.

As financial services companies evolve, so too must their utilization of technology. John Jones shares his insights on a recent blog posting explaining why financial services companies must become tech companies.

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