Helping Retail make the most of Big Data, thoughts on The Gartner BI Summit, and what it takes to hone your Data Scientist skills: InFocus Weekly Roundup April 6, 2012

This week,  we learn how Advanced analytics help retailers better understand their customers. Tom Clancy, VP EMC Education Services talks about the convergence of advanced skills required to meet the demand in this growing field, including a new course in Data Science and Big Data Analytics being offered at EMC.

The Big Data MBA course series takes a week off as Bill Schmarzo shares his thoughts on the recent Gartner Business Intelligence Summit and provides some foresight on The Coming BI Tsunami, noting that “YOU need to take the initiative to stay informed and to make sure that your organization is jumping into the big data fray”.


Dave Blakelock also shares his final post in Understanding Your Customer with Advanced Analytics. Read his ideas about turning your data from various sources into actionable information.

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