Stump the Bloggers: Transitioning to ITaaS; Service Excellence Industry Recognition; BI & Customer Data; & Strategic Planning

InFocus Weekly Roundup May 11, 2012

“Stump the Bloggers” with your questions on Capitalizing on Cloud Services and Transitioning to ITaaS.  Watch questions and answers here on video from EMC World recorded on May 21 (simulcast on the EMC Community Network).

This week, Wayne Pauley, Choong Keng Leung, and JP Morgenthal share their perspectives on IT Transformation and ITaaS and PaaS:

Congratulations to EMC for being recognized this week at the Technology Services World conference, the premier event in the IT Services industry. EMC was acknowledgement for commitment to service excellence in three categories:

Frank Coleman discusses this award and the increased focus on Big Data and Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence and Customer Data Quality:

Strategic Planning

“Strategic planning is not something that can be fully programmed into a computer,” offers Dave Bagatelle in Financial Planning: Static vs. Probabilistic, contrasting straight-line assumptions and forecasting to more probabilistic advice and tools that support forward-looking advice.

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