Weekly Roundup February 10, 2012

Welcome to your weekly roundup, for the week of Friday February 10th. This week’s articles feature posts by April Reeve in addition to Yo Delmar, Robert Abate and Choong Keng Leong.  April provides valuable insight on the end of data life cycle up to, and through data deletion as well as the importance of Metadata tagging.  Yo Delmar delves into Risk Framework and shares best practice governance with regards to content management. She notes that “Managing updates to the Risk Framework can be a bear if you don’t have good governance around that information once it is defined…”

Robert Abate shares info on the brave new world of Social Customer Intelligence. If you would like to learn more about several, critical 3 letter acronyms and tools to grow your business, Robert’s entry is fueled with (GAS) guerrilla advantage strategies to help you better utilize and analyze Big Data that can help give you a competitive edge. Choon Keng Leong closes our roundup; he uses a Q&A session to inspire a group of Architects and Engineers to focus above the infrastructure layer to leverage cloud and virtualization technologies.

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The End of the Data Life Cycle – Data Archiving and Removal By April Reeve

Risk Framework: Managing Content – What’s The Best Practice Governance Process By Yo Delmar

“Social Customer Intelligence or SCI” By Robert Abate

My Cloud Journey Audience With Architects and Engineers By Choong Keng Leong