Do YOUR job in Paradise!

Here I sit in Paradise, no lie, writing this article, so I am proof in point that you can do it.  “Tell us Dan, what is it that you do????”  Thought you’d never ask though if you are reading this blog you should already know, well, at least a little bit (wink, wink).  I’m 1) in Tech and 2) in Consulting, both of which were missed in this recent Forbes article by Susan Adams Jobs You Can Do In Paradise, and are easily the hottest sector in the economy today. #BIGMISSTHERE #OOPS

If you missed my last blog post, #EMC is hiring like crazy, so get on the bandwagon people!

Guess what,  you can also do these jobs in paradise!  You choose where to live and you choose where you work from when not at a client site.  Heck, you could even have multiple places where you live.  For example, in the summer you can call Detroit home, and in the winter you can live in Miami… hmm…… sound good ?! I’ll take it!

Now you can feel free to argue with me on this if you want, but I don’t think I’ll get a lot of objections on this one.  Oh, and it pays pretty darn well to boot!  See below…. Ahhh Paradise, objections welcome, yep….. I thought so 😉


Photograph by Dan Sigmon


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