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2014: A New Year in Continuous Availability

David Edborg By David Edborg Portfolio Manager, Business Resiliency February 18, 2014

We are barely into the second month of the year, but the new year has brought a host of additional arrows in EMC’s quill of Continuous Availability.  Let me quickly run down a few of them in case you missed them…

First,  The “IT Trust Curve 2013 Global Study”— conducted by Vanson Bourne — surveyed 3,200 IT and business professionals in 16 countries on availability, backup, and security topics.  The big finding related to availability, is that a frighteningly high 37% of firms experienced an unplanned outage last year.  The average cost of which was an equally frightening $500,000!  Companies continues to experience these unplanned outings, and they are incredibly expensive.  Check out the survey findings for more detailed findings on the challenges firms are facing regarding Advanced Security, Integrated Backup, and Continuous Availability – including by industry and by geography.  Additionally, you can even see where your firm compares to others with our Trust benchmarking tool.

If you are not exploring Continuous Availability, you are falling behind the curve.

Second, I encourage you to read a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, “The Total Economic Impact of EMC Continuous Availability”.  Their findings were that EMC’s Continuous Availability on VPLEX had a 253% ROI with an average payback period of 8.1 months.  Reflecting on the Vanson Bourne findings about how prevalent these unplanned outings are with the attractiveness of the Forrester findings, this should be the year of Continuous Availability

Finally, I published a perspective with EMC Global Services on the next stage of Continuous Availability.  Last year, the trend was about Continuously Availability for infrastructure.  This year, the story is about how to enable Continuous Application Availability. The paper describes how EMC’s deployment models for applications work, how the assets in your existing application sets can be redeployed to implement pure Continuous Availability and near-line CA services; and how to accelerate putting CA to work to protect mission-critical applications and data for business advantage.

The first step to all of these is EMC’s Continuous Availability Advisory Service where we can assist you in defining a path for their transformative journey towards achieving an “always-on-and-available” IT service capability by identifying the appropriate approach and technology roadmap for your journey to Continuous Availability.

If you are not exploring Continuous Availability, you are falling behind the curve.

David Edborg

About David Edborg

Portfolio Manager, Business Resiliency

David Edborg is a technologist, evangelist, and an innovator, with thirty years of experience in the data protection, availability and computer security industries. Over his career at EMC, David has served as a Business Continuity Solutions Integrator (BCSI), Chief Architect for EMC’s Continuous Availability Services Line and “Disaster Recovery as a Service” offerings. David is currently serving as a Global Practice Manager in EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Services Division.

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