Don’t Go the Distance: Keep Your Data Close to Home

For years, business continuity solution experts have been telling you that the best way to meet all of your disaster recovery needs is to have two data centers: one close to your company headquarters, and one more 250 miles away. This way, you would be protected from any natural disaster that may occur and damage your primary data center. We’ve been telling you to go the distance, the further the better! That was the best advice at the time, based on the technology architectures available.  But, new technologies and approaches have emerged, and we are now helping companies take advantage of them.goingthedistance

We’ve discovered that natural disasters only account for a mere one percent of all data center downtime. The other ninety-nine percent of downtime is due to human error, and mostly planned downtime (such as hardware upgrades and database extracts). In other words, many companies’ current disaster recovery solution only protects their data from 1 percent of the incidents that may potentially shut down the data center.

So, what about the other ninety-nine percent of events that effect availability? How do you protect your data from the most common forms of availability disruptions? How do you protect your data when you really need to

EMC’s Continuous Availability boasts active/active protection. With Continuous Availability, you will not need to fail-over to the secondary site because your information is already there. During downtime, whether planned or unplanned, your information is already protected and you will experience no interruptions.  runningSo, when people say “My data centers are too far apart for Continuous Availability,” I say, “Yes, you’re right. But they shouldn’t be.” By adding a data center (and possibly removing your secondary one) that is about sixty miles away from your primary center, you can have an active/active availability solution that will protect you from nearly all events that effect availability, not just site outages..

Join me and my colleague David Edborg for a webinar on July 24 where we will discuss more on the benefits of moving to a Continuous Availability solution, as well as how to achieve it.  Register for Efficiency, Affordability & Simplicity of Continuous Availability.

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