EMC Elect Has Arrived!

Well it’s official. On January 15th we welcomed 75 new members to the EMC Elect! See the full list here.

It was a great day for EMC in recognizing its advocates. So far, plenty of EMC Elect members have discussed their experiences and delights about becoming an EMC Elect. Today, I am telling a personal story from my perspective about EMC Elect and what it means to me.

Excerpts below. To read the full post and comment, visit http://baysidechronicle.blogspot.com/2013/01/emc-elect-is-well-and-truly-arrived.html

During the EMC Elect judging one of our Founders, an EMC Support Community legend, told Matt Brender and me that he spent 10 hours evaluating nominees in one day. Matt and I apologized to him for it taking so much of his time. He replied that this was not what he meant. He thanked us for the opportunity. He found nominees with invaluable external blog content . He didn’t realize the breadth and value of social content relating to EMC technology that exists outside of the Support Community. It blew Matt and me away. We never intended this to happen, but it is one of the single benefits that calls out how amazing EMC Elect is.

The benefits of EMC Elect to EMC, its customers, partners and employees is very powerful. It creates a newer more vibrant collaborative community mindset for people engaging with EMC. I am awestruck by it and so proud to be a part of making it happen.


“The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions. Content published here is not read or approved in advance by EMC and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of EMC nor does it constitute any official communication of EMC.”

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