Transforming IT to a Service Broker

Transformation is a high priority for many IT organizations these days, but it’s important to remember the ultimate purpose for transformation is to deliver value to the business.  This means that IT needs to focus on what the business needs, not just on what will make IT more efficient and cost-effective.

What the business needs is often measured in terms of increased revenue by faster time to market with new products and services.  This focus on faster delivery of services to the business is often a motivation for the business to seek cloud services from external service providers.  IT executives should take advantage of this interest to position themselves as service brokers, advising the business on how to take advantage of external and internally provided services, with consistent architectures and policies.

At a recent industry conference, I made a video where I address the transformation of IT into a service broker, including questions about the goal for IT transformation, the primary ways in which we see IT organizations undertaking transformation programs, the role of automation, and how transformation impacts the relationship between IT and the business.

Want to learn more? Watch the short video below.


3 thoughts on “Transforming IT to a Service Broker

  1. Great topic Edward, thanks for posting.

  2. Wanted to see this video by Edward Newman but it is gone. any thoughts?

  3. The video link has been corrected and is active again.

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